Гильдия Производителей Одежды

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About us

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Ukrainian Guild of Clothes Manufacturers was founded in 2000 as non-profit and non-governmental organization. Establishing the Ukrainian Guild of Clothes Manufacturers was the result of the Ukrainian enterprises' decision.

Membership of Ukrainian Guild of Clothes Manufacturers will ensure that the clothing and textile industry is better represented, better informed and better prepared to meet the challenges of technological sector.

Membership of the Ukrainian Guild of Clothes Manufacturers is open to all clothing and textile enterprises who maintain a manufacturing, design or research function.

Our organization is an active participant in the field of enterprises development and international co-operation.

Ukrainian textile and clothing companies are among the most export oriented companies such as Germany, United Kingdom, USA, France, etc. Also they are working for the domestic market.

Currently the Guild has 32 Ukrainian member-companies and 11 foreign members. The members of the Guild include all sizes of companies from small to large.

Our members' product very widely, and include women's, men's and children's clothing, swimwear and beachwear, underwear and nightwear, workwear and image clothing, sportswear, textiles, fashion accessories You will find the full information about our members and their products in the directory Companies area.

The Guild's aim is to join together all companies of textile, clothing, leather, fur and footwear as well as other light industry production and services enterprises. This is one of the key industrial branches of the country that influences very much the macroeconomic stability of the country.


Our absolutely vital position is to protect and promote our members' interests.



Guild of Ukrainian Clothes Manufactories



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